/4 Out-Of-The-World Delectable Delicacies from North Eastern Part of India!

4 Out-Of-The-World Delectable Delicacies from North Eastern Part of India!

North Easterns love food, and therefore, they never shy away from experimenting. North East is not only famous for extremely beautiful, and picturesque natural locales but for uniquely interesting and tasty food as well. In this article, we will talk about 4 of the top dishes from North India, and if you are all geared up to try out, book your flight tickets to North East now.

Bamboo Shoot Fry!

Though, you will find a plenty of yummy non-veg dishes in this region, but the vegetarians would not be disappointed as well. Bamboo Shoot Fry is one of the yummiest dishes that you can relish here. As the name suggests, the core of the food item is definitely the bamboo shoots. Not only is it a unique choice but also extremely delectable. Though, shoots are extremely common in North India as the locals mostly use it in preparing various other dishes, but this dish is definitely one of the best Meghalayan dish. Fenugreek, red chili and baking soda are used to add the flavors to this yummy dish. All ready to try it out with a cup of molasses tea? Book your domestic flight tickets to the North East India now.

Koat Pitha

Koat Pitha is a fabulous dish from the Indian state of Assam comes. It is regarded as one of the best North East Indian desserts. This wonderfully tasty dish is not just nutritious but also extremely tasty. The dish is made up using rice flour, jaggery and ripe banana. Also, if you want to try making it, you can surely do it, as the process of making it is not very difficult. However, it is always recommended to try it out in the most authentic form, in Assam. For that you will have to book your domestic flight tickets to Assam!

Masor Petu Aru Bhat Bhaaji

Masor Petu, or rather fish intestine, is a known North Eastern regional dish. It is a sheer delight for the seafood lovers, and they should surely try it out once. It is made using the tasty Rahu fish. The fish is first is marinated properly, and then all the flavors are added. Even rice is added in it to make it perfect. How about eating it and then trying your cooking skills in Assam? For that, you would have to first book your flight tickets to Assam.

Kelli Chana

The ultra-delicious spicy peas from Manipur, Kelli Chana is an extremely famous street food of Manipur. More than the taste of the dish, the fascinating story behind its name lure people to try it out. It got its name from an ancient woman who was named Kelli. She used to prepare this dish and sell it under a tree. The dish is prepared using a host of interesting herbs and spices that impart a special flavor to it. Generally, this delicacy is served on lotus leaves. Want to enjoy it? Book flight tickets to North east now.

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