/5 Top Sweets to Sweeten the Kerala Experience!

5 Top Sweets to Sweeten the Kerala Experience!

When we talk about Indian sweets, images of Kaju Katli, Laddoo or Jalebi comes to our mind. Though, all these and many more Indian sweets enjoy a fabulous reputation all around the globe, but there are some unique, but very tasty Indian sweets to try out in India as well. In this article, we will talk about the top 5 of these unique sweet gems from the beautiful state of Kerala! All set to relish some? Book flight tickets to Kerala now.

Here are the top 5:

Rava Laddoo

Laddos are one of the most loved Indian sweets. They can be made in a host of different styles. And, mostly, Laddoos are made differently in different areas of the country. When it comes to Kerala, the most famous version of Laddoo is the Rava Laddoo. The yummy tiny rounds of semolina, ghee, milk and sugar are made with utmost perfection in this South Indian state. The flavor of the laddoo is enhanced by adding coconut (we’re talking about South India!), cashews, raisins and hints of cardamom. This sweet is certainly a mist try. So, if you are all ready to enjoy it, book domestic flight tickets to Kerala now!

Coconut Jaggery Payasam

Coconut is the core of delicious delicacies in the South of India. The taste of coconut is blended with various things, and in Kerala, you will also find a lot of coconut based sweet dishes. One of the most common sweets is coconut jaggery payasam. Jaggery as we know is a powerhouse of calcium, this this payasam is not just extremely tasty, but also quite healthy! Want to try out this outstanding Payasam in Kerala with your family? Plan a quick vacation and book flight tickets now!

Chatti Pathiri

One of the top sweet dishes of the Malabar region of Kerala is Chatti Pathiri. This superb sweetmeat is created using several different layers of thin pancakes. However, that’s not it, there are a lot of tasty ingredients which are added in Chatti Pathiri to make it more amazing. Some of you might find it just like a layered pastry, but the proper South Indian touch will remind you of its origin. All set to enjoy it? Book flight tickets to Kerala now!

Banana Halwa

People in North India must be well aware of how ‘Halwa’ tastes. But, it is this special Banana Halwa which is a secret sweet gem of Kerala. Banana Halwa is a very unique and one of the most relished dishes in Kerala. Just like many of the other Halwas, it has a dark brown texture. Also, the dish is absolutely soft, and completely melts in the mouth. Quite obviously, the core of this dish is Banana, and flavor of banana is quite evident. Though, only the best of ripened nendrapazham bananas are mostly used for making this dish. Apart from Banana, ghee, almonds, cardamom and sugar are also added. Want to try it, book domestic flights to Kerala now!

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