/5 Top Things to Buy in Assam

5 Top Things to Buy in Assam

Assam is one of the most beautiful parts of India. The state is known for its immense natural beauty. When you are planning a trip to Assam, one thing that you are definitely excited about is the experience of the flourishing tea gardens and the blossoming rice fields. After all, that is what Assam is known for!  However, you would be surprised to know that there is a lot more to enjoy in Assam as well. Starting from the tastiest authentic food to a host of places to buy interesting handicrafts. Also, there are a host of interesting local markets in Assam, which are perfect to go on a shopping spree. So, book your domestic flight tickets and get ready to shop unlimited!

Listed below are the top 5 things to buy in Assam:


Whether you want to purchase the Muga silk which is prepared using the silkworm “Antheraea” or normal silk, you will find a plenty of options to buy pure Silk in Assam. Assam is known as the producer of some of the most refined qualities of silk in India. Muga silk, Pat silk and Eri silk and generally the three main type of silks which can be bought here. However, Muga silk is definitely the most famous of them all as it is used to make several local dresses. Therefore, when you arrive in Assam, do not miss any opportunity to but the clothes made of pure silk. They might seem a little expensive, but are truly worth every penny spend. Want to buy? Book flight tickets to Assam and shop now.


Assam is absolutely rich with its customary craftsmanship. You should never miss an opportunity to buy beautiful handicrafts made from bamboo or wood. One of the most amazing things to buy in Assam is an interesting centre table stands which is made of pure tea roots. Also, you would not be able to hold yourself from buying the famous Mekhla Sadors, which is a popular edition of a saree. From towels to dresses, from décor items to kitchen utensils, you will find a plenty of interesting handcrafted things to buy in Assam. Want to buy interesting things made out of pure bamboo? Book flight tickets to Assam now.


When you are in Assam, you just cannot miss the tea experience. Apart from enjoying the fascinating tea making process in the tea gardens, you should also not miss a chance to relish different types of Assam teas here. The Assam tea which you can buy from the nearest retail outlets or directly from the tea estates is definitely going to be of the best quality.  Also, the prices of tea are also quite reasonable. So, whether you want to buy a regular tea or the green tea, or any other new variety of tea, you will find everything in Assam! Want to enjoy the tastiest tea in India? Book flight tickets to Assam now! All excited to shop in Assam? Book your domestic flight tickets at the best possible price through Jetstay now.