/All Set to Travel to Hyderabad from Delhi? Here’s Why You Shouldn’t

All Set to Travel to Hyderabad from Delhi? Here’s Why You Shouldn’t

New Delhi to Hyderabad and vice versa is one of the most popular routes in India. Both the places are very well connected with the rest of India through roads, trains, flights etc. Also, when it comes to specifically Hyderabad and New Delhi, you will surely find a plenty of New Delhi to Hyderabad flights to choose from.  Many domestic flights connect these two places. Also, if you are planning to travel to Hyderabad from Delhi then Hyderabad indeed has a lot to offer you. Therefore, anyone would love to travel to Hyderabad, but if you are a little hesitant, then here are some reasons to not to travel to Hyderabad:

If you don’t love scrumptious food

Only if you do not have any place for mouthwatering regional delicacies in your heart, you should never come to Hyderabad. As, in Hyderabad, you will find tasty local food items almost everywhere. Starting from the famous street outlets to big restaurants, you will find the regional cuisine of Hyderabad almost everywhere. Whether it is the world famous Biryani or the soft and spongy Shahi Tukda, you are going to find a lot to relish in this wonderful place. All excited to book your New Delhi to Hyderabad flights?

If you don’t like mystic historic places

Hyderabad has a very interesting connection with the history of India. Various known rulers ruled in Hyderabad, therefore, the place is filled with remarkable relics. Hence, if you are someone who loves to explore and experience the royal history of India, then Hyderabad is the place to be. Here, you will get a chance to see various forts, including the famous, Golkonda Fort, several monuments and many other noteworthy ancient structures.

If you don’t like handicrafts

Hyderabad is quite famous for its pristine handcrafts market as well. Whether you want to purchase traditional clothing or showpieces, you are going to find various types of handcrafts in Hyderabad. Hyderabad is brimmed with several markets that have fascinatingly crafted handcrafted items. So, after booking your New Delhi to Hyderabad flights, make sure you search for the best markets to do handicrafts shopping in Hyderabad.

If you are not an IT geek

Hyderabad is the new IT hub of India. Slowly, a lot of big and popular companies are setting up in this part of the country. Therefore, if you are the one who loves IT, and would like to explore or even join any of the big IT firms situated in Hyderabad, then you should definitely visit this region.

Listed above are only a few reasons to travel to Hyderabad. Apart from these also, you will find many reasons to quickly book your domestic flights for Hyderabad. But, do remember that you only book your New Delhi to Hyderabad flights only via Jetstay. As, it is one of the fastest growing, and highly trustworthy flight booking portal. Also, you will get various options to choose from.