/Best Places in India to Visit on a Summer Vacation

Best Places in India to Visit on a Summer Vacation

With summers setting in everyone is away from the high temperatures and din of the city life. With the mercury soaring high, all look for a cooler place to gain a respite. India is such a country with snow-covered peaks in the Himalayas to the Blue Oceans, the Andamans in the south, to the Eastern and Western Ghats offering a rich and varied diversity possible only in India. There are airline flights flying passengers along the length and breadth of India. To beat the summers during the summer vacations of children, the entire family gets an excuse to go to distant lands with a cooler clime. North India is a better destination during the summers due to its proximity to the Himalayas.

For people who want an adventurous destination for the summer holidays in India, Ladakh is the perfect getaway. There is a range of exotically cool locations here to amaze yourself. The amazing views of the undulating mountain ranges and snow-capped peaks are bewitching. There are placid lakes and perfect weather conditions absolutely fitting for a perfect summer getaway to cool yourself and your family.

Srinagar is the summer capital and the best the places on your list of summer holiday destinations. You will cool yourself down and indulge yourself in the luxury of residing on a floating Houseboat that is an iconic thing here. Riding a Shikara is another pleasant activity which you may enjoy doing. There are many other famous gardens, places and resorts here that are worth a visit. You may like Pahalgaon, Gulmarg and Sonmarg among other places which are laden with scenic beauty and comfortable weather conditions during the summers.

Manali is a popular destination in Himachal Pradesh. With the many famous places to visit in Manali, it is one of the well-known summer holiday destinations. Nestled idyllically in the lap of the Himalayas, Manali is acclaimed as a popular holiday resort. Manali is also popular for an adventure such as snow sports, skiing, trekking and so on. Your summer holiday spent at Manali is going to be the best times of your life.

Situated in the lap of Uttarakhand at an elevation of 1,938 m above the sea-level, Nainital is one of the well-known summer vacation destinations in India. Nainital is a quaint hill station that has not changed much with time. The centre of attraction is the centrally located huge lake or taal in the local dialect. Your summer evenings will be spent leisurely and pleasantly getting into a boat ride. While you boat you feel as if you are enclosed by the hills around as if to protect you from the heat of the plains. Your time spent at Nainital during the summer vacations will be a memorable one for the quality of time here and the picturesque place you will be in. You should visit Naina Devi temple over there. You should see the beauty of Bhimtaal and other so many lakes. Nainital is the perfect place for your summer sojourn.

Mussoorie experience will be a unique one for you. You will be atop a misty mountain, yet so close to the Himalayas. There is no summer here at all. Even in Dehradun down below the summers can’t have its reach. There is absolute freedom in the air, and this liberty will push you to your extremes to go for a walk up the hills’ winding roads. It will be a walk of the lifetime.

So, what’re you waiting for. Summers are here and the hill stations are calling. Get the packings done and get going.