/Book Your Hyderabad to Chennai Flights Now to Experience These Hidden Gems in Chennai!

Book Your Hyderabad to Chennai Flights Now to Experience These Hidden Gems in Chennai!

Are you planning a trip to Chennai from Hyderabad anytime sooner? If yes, then you will surely get a lot of options to book your tickets for Chennai. However, make sure you do your research work right to book the best Hyderabad to Chennai flights.

In order to make your trip to Chennai fun and exciting, it is always suggested to prepare a detailed itinerary for the before boarding your Hyderabad to Chennai flights. Though, most of the tourists would certainly include some of the most common Chennai attractions while making the itinerary, but in order to make your trip extraordinary, you must include some of the hidden spots of Chennai as well. These secret places to see in Chennai will make your Chennai trip a lot more remarkable. Here are some of the top secretly interesting places to see in Chennai:

Kattupalli Island

Though, Chennai has many noteworthy beaches but Kattupalli Island is differently interesting. Mostly, the tourists have to generally book a train to Pudunagar, which is approximately 40km from Chennai and later on a private taxi. The island is a peaceful place. Sparkling Blue waters, Un-spoilt silver sand, Tree pies, swaying waves, golden-backed woodpeckers and pristine peace is what you can expect from this wonderful Island. Therefore, while booking a Hyderabad to Chennai flights, make sure you plan to visit this island as well.

The Captivating Caves of Little Mount

The little caves at Little Mount may not be one of the most famous places to see in Chennai, but they have an interesting backstory associates with their origin. As per the legends, St. Thomas rested in these caves for many years. The cave is very well-preserved and features a tiny shrine which is mostly used by residents as a meeting point for offering prayers. One could still hear some stories of few imprints of St. Thomas’ feet in the caves, and yes, there is a spring here, which never dries.

Watch the Koothu-P-Pattarai  

Tamil parallel theatre, Koothu-P-Pattarai is a very famous Tamil theatre group which basically combines the ancient traditional folk art and eclectic contemporary influences. The play is fairly a good adaptation of Macbeth which is further fused with some of the most solid Tamil lyricism. Most of the actors generally wear beautiful hand-made masks which are well suited by the characters. They even conduct various workshops to depart the teachings.  

Pulicat Lake

Pulicat Lake is located around 50-60 kms away from the city of Chennai It is situated in an erstwhile Dutch trading post. The town splits the Pulicat Lake from Bay of Bengal. You can easily catch the sight of flamingoes flying across this lake. You may also capture the alluring sheets of pink in your camcorders.

All set to book your Hyderabad to Chennai flights? Make sure you prepare an interesting itinerary including some or all of these hidden gems in Chennai as well before booking your Hyderabad to Chennai cheap domestic flights.