/How About a Trip to Shimla?

How About a Trip to Shimla?

Located in one of India’s most popular hill stations, any hotel/resort in Shimla invites you to experience the blissful companionship of Indian vacationers amidst the green snow-clad highlands. Shimla is filled with the echoes of its past role as the summer capital of British India and the architecture of this hotel has preserved the colonial charm. Spend some valuable time with your favourite book in the regal library and find out some lesser-known facts about the British rule. Do your domestic flight ticket booking now.

Where to live?

Find a place which is lavishly designed, capturing the historic and quaint feel of an English dwelling.  Allow your mind to relax, drift, and replenish by lazing in the open lawn while sighting the charming valley. You can also please your taste buds with creamy chocolate pudding in our cosy cafe. The rooms should be built opulently, with the intention to offer you a pleasurable experience. Rooms should also be accomplished with all the required amenities. Lounge on the snug beds while looking at the striking spectacle of sun hiding behind the snow-capped mountains. Book your domestic flight tickets now.

What to eat?

Apart from the well-known dishes, you can also savour many regional delicacies in any of the restaurants in Shimla. Gain warmth and strength to handle the chilly breezes of Shimla by eating Siddus or electrify your senses with crispy water balls filled with sweet and sour mint water, our eating-house will give you a chance to delight your gustatory cells with diverse flavours. Book domestic tickets now.

Additional facilities in a hotel or resort you chose?

Open Lawn

Cherish a hearty conversation with your loved ones in our open garden and capture some unforgettable moments in your camcorders.


The Library is filled with everything that a book lover will need, so engross yourself completely in your favourite book and enjoy some peaceful moments, away from the urban chaos.

Things to do in Shimla?


Enthralling trekking trails and scenic local mountains make Shimla a perfect destination for trekkers. Shimla invites you to hike through the exquisite rhododendron and oak forests while observing the marvels of nature. Compare flight tickets now and book the best.


Whiz through the breezy rapids of chilly water while rafting near the famous hot springs of Tattapani and witness the coolness stuffed in the ambience.

Explore the heritage with legendary walks

Walk leisurely on the serene tracks of Shimla and witness the charisma of the heritage monuments that are still preserved in their original ‘Tudorbethan’ architectural form. Observe some real ethnic relics and artefacts, which are unique to this state by visiting the Himachal State Museum and Library Houses at Inverarm Hill.

Ice Skating

Enjoy an icy experience of gliding on the frosty terrain of the city and preserve some priceless moments in your cameras.

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