/In Bangalore? Here’s What to What There!

In Bangalore? Here’s What to What There!

Planning a trip to Bangalore? Bangalore is a fascinating place to visit. The southern metropolitan famous for a lot of things including the traditions, buzzing corporates and food. As, Bangalore is a popular destination therefore, it is well connected with the country, and even with the world. On a regular basis, a lot of flights operate between Bangalore and other places like Goa to Bangalore, Ahmedabad to Bangalore or New Delhi to Bangalore flights. Whether you are travelling to Bangalore for a holiday or for a business purpose, one thing that can surely make the complete experience of enjoying Bangalore all the more remarkable is the amazing food of the region.

Listed below are some of the most iconic food items to try out in Bangalore:

Handi Biryani

If you think that Dosa and Idli is all that you can relish in Bangalore (though they are simply amazing), then you are absolutely wrong. Bangalore is famous for its Handi Biryani as well. The item is prepared using meat rice cooked. A lot of spices add many flavors to the Biryani. The only reason why it is called a ‘Handi’ Biryani is because it is served in an earthen pot. And, because it is served in an earthen pot, therefore, the aroma of the pot adds up the tang of the spices. Some people like to relish it with some yoghurt while some prefer meat curry.

Mangalore Bun

Mangalore Bun is an extremely popular local sweetmeat of the Udupi region. It is not just sweet but extremely tender as well. It is generally made using Bananas, and is relished with either some sambar or chutney or both. The delicacy is quite easy to prepare hence, it is cooked at homes as well by the locals. However, you will surely find it at a lot of street food outlets in Bangalore. So, after you are done booking your Mumbai to Bangalore or New Delhi to Bangalore flights, make sure you look for the best places to try Mangalore Buns, and add them to your itinerary.

Masala Papad

Masala Papad is one of the most unique and tasty snacks to enjoy in Bangalore. It is generally prepared using black gram. The papad is like a large tortilla chip, and some people even prepare it using some other lentils. The snack is dry heated. It is mostly served alongside a meal. However, it is not served alone, the taste is amplified using grated coconut, onion and some spices. Some people prefer it very spicy.

Listed below are some of the top delicacies to try when you are in Bangalore. Apart from these, Ghee Dosa, Idli with various types of chutneys etc. are some of the other food items which are worth a try. However, you have to be prepared for the coconut flavor a lot, as coconut is heavily used here.

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