/Is a Visit to Patna from Delhi Worth It?

Is a Visit to Patna from Delhi Worth It?

Delhi is the capital of India is famous for its eminent centers, and a plenty of tourist spots. Delhi is formed of the huge central city along with many neighboring regions. There are several popular malls and museums in the city as well. A few of the best popular attractions worth visiting in Delhi are also known as best places to see in the country. Whereas, nestled on the southern shoreline of Ganges River, the city termed Patna is one of the most earliest, and renowned cities in the nation. And, if you are planning to visit Patna from Delhi, then you will find a host of options to book a perfect Delhi to Patna and Patna to New Delhi flights

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Patna was basically instituted by the rulers of Magadha. The city is pretty old as it was founded in the year 490 BC, which is comparatively pretty long back. Plus, during the prehistoric period the capital of Bihar was called by the title of Patliputra. Even some individuals till now call it with the same old title, as they have established a link with the name. While under the rules from the, Maurya, and along with Gupta empires, the capital of Bihar served as the seat of a lot of power, political, learning, and not just that, it was even the cultural hub. At today’s time, as the capital of Bihar it is an fabulous tourist attraction with a large number of chief landmarks to visit like Golghar, Patna Planetarium, Agam Kuan, Bodh Gaya, Kumhrar, Padri ki Haveli etc.

Now, when it comes to the conveyance system, Patna is well linked to the rest of the nation, and even to the globe. A plenty of flights from Patna to New Delhi and vice versa are sure to serve the purpose of coming and going to Patna in less time. And, the prices of the flights are not supposed to be so high as well.

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