/Places in India Best for College Excursions

Places in India Best for College Excursions

College years are supposed to be the best years in anyone’s life because when you’re in college you’re no longer a kid. You are mature and you have the spirit to know and to explore. There is no dearth of energy. There are plenty of college friends you have many of whom are like-minded. You are young, energetic and a heart full of desires and dreams. You can easily plan out a college excursion with your friends and enjoy the best days of your life in a perfect location for you. You have a bunch of friends with you so there is no problem with sharing and caring while on your way to a destination. You are absolutely free to make your own decisions about the place, the place to stay, places to go on an adventure and the food. You won’t have difficulty getting permission from your parents because now you are grown up and you’re not an employee who has to apply for a leave. There are many places you can reach by air. You should buy an online air ticket.


Manali is a lovely hill station in the lap of the Himalayas which is globally visited and hugely photographed. You will enjoy paragliding, skiing and many other snow-sports out there. The sombre mountain peaks keep looking down at you and you look at them with a gaping mouth. You may try visiting some Himalayan national park. Or you may trek up to treacherous Rohtang pass to wallow in the majestic Himalayas from close quarters.


Leh is another destination whose trip will fill you with excitement. You may hire a bike or ride your own bike and take a road trip to Leh. The tortuous mountainous roads will throw down the gauntlet at you to negotiate the hairpin bends and nerve-racking curves on the tracks. It’s going to be one of the best road trips of your life.


A trip to Ladakh is not everyone’s privilege because the trip is so demanding. The seer height itself challenges your lungs and you learn to use oxygen cylinders or to breath in an apt way on those heights. You should visit Pangong lake and see the placid water of it that often doesn’t ripple a whit. Once you get used to the height and the thinning air, you start believing you have made one of the best decisions in the life of visiting this destination.


Rishikesh is the gateway to Garhwal Himalaya. The place has spirituality writ large all over with so many ashrams and yoga centres. This is the Yoga capital of the world. You and your team will get to meet the foreigners, many of whom are your age. You may strike a conversation with them or even take them along on your tour. You should do rafting at rapidly flowing the Ganges or get yourself photographed on Laxman Jhula, an iconic structure at this sleepy town.


It will be superfluous to say that Goa is synonymous with party, surfing, dance and music. You may try a road trip to Goa to sprinkle a certain amount of adventure and daredevilry that you may accept to a certain measure. The sandy beaches of Goa are world-famous and you will have spent the moments of a lifetime at the sacks that serve exotic food and heady drinks to bowl you over.

A college excursion comes once in a lifetime and you’re not going to be in college forever. Before it’s too late just get going and book the next flight or train ticket to your favorite destination.