/Planning a Perfect Himalayan Vacation?

Planning a Perfect Himalayan Vacation?

All geared up to plan a trip to Himalayas? How about travelling to Solan this time? A trip to Solan will give you a chance to spend some precious moments amidst soaring snow-covered highlands and limitless groves of Oaks, Rhododendrons and Cedars. Cherish the bliss of staying in tents, a luxury resort or hotel and experience the pristine Himalayan charm to the fullest. Moreover, amplify the stopover with adventurous activities like paragliding, valley crossing, rock climbing, trekking or mountain biking. Book your domestic flight tickets to the closest airport now.

What to look for in an Ideal Himalayan accommodation?

Chose to stay in tents this time. Gain an exceptionally alluring experience of relaxing in restful tents, away from the modern-day turbulence. This place is packed with infinite quietude and pleasure, which makes it an ideal retreat for the stressful spirits and one of the best resorts near Shimla. Most of the comfortable tents are accomplished with all essential amenities, and are designed rustically. Relax outside the tent while enjoying a hot cup of tea. And, staring at the immaculate beauty of Sun and the hills together or snuggle inside the airy, cool and idyllic dome tent, after the sun sets. Book flight tickets now.

What to eat in Solan?

Any regional restaurants in Solan endorse local procurement and therefore, all the dishes are cooked using organically grown ingredients. Regional delicacies like Pachole, Poode, Sidu, Lushke, Patande (local version of pancake) etc. are also served in a few of the multi-cuisine restaurants present here. All set to book flight tickets online?

Additional facilities in your hotel or rent

Activity Room

Boost up the amusement with some engaging indoor games. The activity room will give you immense opportunities to recollect your childhood memories.

Conference Hall

The conference room is appropriate for a casual business meeting or a laid-back group discussion. Snow-clad hills and brimming greenery supply a blithe atmosphere for any kind of gathering.

Things to do in Solan


Knock off your anxieties and revivify your soul with yoga and meditation in this peaceable place. Do your domestic flight ticket booking to the closest airport now!

Rock climbing/ Jumaring and Rappelling

Test your vigthe, endurance, dexterity, sense of balance and mental control with rock climbing and rappelling. Reach the pinnacle of a formation through free climbing or controllably tumble down a steep cliff with alacrity.

Zip-line/ Flying Fox

Strap up and slide through the air on a rousing and gripping zip-line adventure. Prepare for a thrilling highflying fun in ‘’Valley of Gods”.

Burma Bridge/Bamboo Bridge

Burma Bridge is a gripping activity that involves a thick rope or bamboo sticks at the base to walk upon, and two ropes on the sides to clasp. This bridge elongates across an area and a lot of patience is required to cross this bridge.

Valley Crossing

Get the best glimpse of flourishing valley while hanging on a rope. A fun-filled valley crossing adventure will surely tickle your nerves and boost your heartbeat.

Places to see in Solan- Shoolini Devi Temple, Mohan Shakti Heritage Park, Jatoli Shiv Temple, Bon Monastery etc.

Places to see near Solan- Shimla, Chail, Kasauli, Barog etc. Want to enjoy Solan? Compare flight tickets and book flight tickets with Jetstay