/Planning a Trip from Mumbai to Hyderabad? Here Are 5 Most Mystic Places to See in Hyderabad

Planning a Trip from Mumbai to Hyderabad? Here Are 5 Most Mystic Places to See in Hyderabad

If you are planning a trip to Hyderabad from Mumbai, then you will surely get a plenty of options to book Mumbai to Hyderabad Flights. However, that is not enough, it is also recommended to make a list of activities that you would enjoy doing in Hyderabad to make your trip an unforgettable affair.  Hyderabad, as we know it as the city of royals has a lot in store for the tourist. Be it the ancient museums or the beaches and shopping centers, a trip to Hyderabad is sure to be a fulfilling affair for anyone. However, in this article, we will talk about the most mysterious places to see in Hyderabad:

The spooky Shamshabad Airport

You would be surprised to know that even Hyderabad airport is one of the most mysterious places to be in the city. People have recurrently reported of many spooky and unexplained happenings in the airport from the time it has been build. Some people even believe that it is the result of the spirits of the individuals who were murdered during the clashes preceding the building of this particular airport haunt it.

The Visa God!

Apparently the Visa God resides in Hyderabad. So, if your Visa to Canada is not getting sanctioned, immediately book any of the most suitable Mumbai to Hyderabad Flights to visit The Visa God’s temple in Hyderabad. Lord Balaji is here to grant all your Visa wishes! People have a lot of faith in this temple, and many come here specifically to pray for their Visa approvals. However, the fact that makes this temple more interesting is that, many people have actually got their Visas after paying tribute to Lord Balaji here. Isn’t that amazing?

Road12 Graveyard, Banjara Hills

Banjara Hills is an extremely lush area of Hyderabad, and it is quite peaceful and less populated as well. But, many people have reported of abnormal activities during night at Road 12 Graveyard, Banjara Hills. Some of the most affluent Nizam’s dynasty people used to hunt there, and hence, it is known to be one of the spookiest places in Hyderabad.

The house with the scary vibes

Dedh Lakh Ghar, which was built at a hefty price years ago is left unattended. Though, a host of families have tried to make it their abode, but not many of them would have been able to do it. The reports of suicides etc. make it one of the topmost haunted places in Hyderabad. Though, locals even avoid passing by the house in the day time, but if you are booking your Mumbai to Hyderabad Flights, thinking that you might have a look at it, then do think again.

Hyderabad is an interesting place to visit. There are many Mumbai to Hyderabad cheap domestic flights which operate on a regular basis so exploring Hyderabad is not at all tough, especially when you are coming from Mumbai.