/Planning a Trip to Rishikesh? Here’s How to Make It Perfect

Planning a Trip to Rishikesh? Here’s How to Make It Perfect

Rishikesh is a peaceful, and extremely popular destination in India. The place is known for the large amount of yoga and meditation centers. Also, the place has a deep connection with the history of India as well. Rishikesh is referred as the birthplace of Yoga, and it happily greets anyone who wants to experience the serenity of the place. The place is also perfect to get a lot of knowledgeable information. Mostly, the numerous yoga institutes, temples and ashrams attract tourists from around the globe to Rishikesh. Want to visit Rishikesh to revivify yourself? Book domestic flight tickets to nearest airport now. But, before that, here are a few important things to know:

Best time to visit

Honestly, there is nothing as ‘best time’ plan a trip to Rishikesh. Simply, because people come here across the year to indulge in the peaceful activities. The place is located pleasantly at the foothill of Himalayas, therefore, the weather of the place is mostly great. Also, you can plan to experience Rishikesh to the fullest via a stroll on foot. But, for that you might like to visit between September to Feb. However, as the place is close to some of the coolest hill stations, therefore, make sure you do carry your woolens when you are here. Want to explore the beautiful land on foot? How about first reaching here quickly by booking flight tickets to the nearest airport?

What can you do in Rishikesh?

Rishikesh is a place full of abundance. Hence, you can never get bored here. The place has numerous yoga and meditation institutes. Also, people mostly come here to indulge in the peaceful sessions at such places. Therefore, there is certainly a lot that you can do here. Also, there are numerous interesting tourist destination in and near Rishikesh as well. Though, there is nothing better that quietly sitting beside the mighty Ganga River, and just listening to the sound of the cool breeze. And, sitting there till the time of Ganga Aarti! You may also plan to pay a visit to the famous ashram where Beatles came when they were in India, it is indeed a popular tourist spot now. Book your cheap flight tickets to the nearest airport now!

International Yoga Festival

International Yoga Festival is celebrated here in Rishikesh. As, we know that the place is known for Yoga, therefore, it a perfect spot for the festival. During this festival, people from across the globe come here and enjoy doing Yoga together. The site is appealing! Therefore, you can also plan a specifically during the Yoga Festival as well, and it will surely be a great event to experience. Want to book flight tickets? Book domestic flight tickets at best price from Jetstay, one of the best ticket booking platforms.

Are you ready to set yourself you free and experience Mother Nature at its best form? If yes, then book flight tickets to the nearest airport to Rishikesh through Jetstay!