/Reasons to Plan a Trip to Dooars?

Reasons to Plan a Trip to Dooars?

Encircled by the enchanting Himalayan ranges, most of the hotels/resorts in Dooars gladly endorses the fast growing concept of Tea-tourism in Dooars valley. Most of them are a century old, well-preserved imposing edifice with immaculate architecture. The colonial-style decor and the mesmerizing view of the verdant teagardens and towering Kanchenjunga range of highlands make these hotels and resorts extra special. Book domestic flight tickets now.

What to look for in an Accommodation?  

Cherish a hearty stopover that is enriched with all the essential elements, which make a holiday perfect. Sprawl in the lounge area, amble in the vast gardens, eat tasty meals, indulge in various adventurous activities or simply sit back and relax in the room, enjoy some pleasurable moments of doing nothing at all in this unique resort.  All the rooms should be crafted in imperial style and are accomplished with every essential facility. Laze in the comfortable room and sip a hot cup of tea while looking at the verdant greenness of the teagardens and the beauty of the snow-clad mountains. Book domestic flights now.

Additional amenities in a hotel or resort?


Walk barefooted on the moist grass, early in the morning while enjoying the pleasance of sunrise.

Living Room

Play some interesting indoor games or read your favourite book while lounging near the fireplace.

What to eat?

Satiate your food yearning with delish dishes that are prepared using organically grown ingredients in any of the finest restaurants in Dooars. In addition to the regular dishes, restaurants here will give you a chance to taste some local fares as well unlike, other hotels in Dooars. Eat moist momos near the fireplace or enjoy some appetizing curries while sighting the captivating view of the blooming gardens.  Book flight tickets now.

Things to do in Dooars?

Tea Garden Tour

Explore the vast tea estate of the region with an outing to the teagardens. Wander in the gardens and learn the perfect way of plucking the tealeaves. Fascinatingly observe the complete journey of tea and make the significance of your next cup of tea, a little more remarkable.


Catch the best sight of satiny teagardens by flying high above the land, using the colourful parachutes. Book cheap flight tickets now.

Mountain Biking

Fall in love with the pleasant aroma of fresh tealeaves while biking through the rugged terrain of Dooars.

Bird Watching

Dooars is blessed with abundance of beautiful birds. Blissfully observe many Himalayan birds and Lowland bird species flying freely in the open sky and capture some of them in your cameras as well.

Nature Tour

Cherish a unique experience of walking through the tea bushes or vegetable gardens. You can also visit a tea plant’s nursery to know more about the origin of tea.

Cultural Evenings

Dance to the tune of local instruments or indulge in the soulful dances, performed by the talented local residents. You will certainly feel their subtle warmth and hospitality while they welcome you with their performances.


Enjoy a sizzling rafting experience in the raging rapids of Tisata or in the swirling water of Torsha. Rafting here is safe, as all the necessary safety equipment are provided.

Wildlife Safari

Explore the diverse wildlife of the region with a safari, as Dooars valley is famous for its wildlife sanctuaries and parks. The woodlands in the area have more than 10 species of Himalayan birds and animals like Bison, Asian Elephants, Rhinoceros, Gaur, Leopards, Civet Cat, Wild Boar etc.

Trekking and Camping

The Himalayan foothills are ideal for trekking and camping. The hiking trails of Dooars pass through mesmeric groves, meadows, and verdant teagardens, offering fascinating views of the environs. Encamping betwixt blooming gardens that are filled with the aroma of Tea will certainly be revitalizing.  

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