/Shopaholics, Here’re the Top 3 Shopping Destinations in Delhi

Shopaholics, Here’re the Top 3 Shopping Destinations in Delhi

Delhi is certainly a perfect place for the shopping enthusiasts as, starting from numerous street markets to the most high-end brands’ outlets, you will find it all in Delhi! In Delhi, you’ll find a plenty of interesting shopping hubs both in New and Old Delhi. Whether you want to buy fashion clothing or silk textiles, whether you want to bring home Madhubani painting or various spices, Delhi has it all! Therefore, Delhi is considered as one of the best places in India, when it comes to the top shopping destinations, as here, you can find a lot of variety. So, if you want to buy handicrafts or a classy dress, book flight tickets to Delhi now.

Listed below are the top shopping destinations in Delhi:

Janpath Market

Janpath Market, situated in the heart of the city is mostly brimmed with fashion lovers. The open market is one of the most famous shopping streets of Delhi. Here, you get the opportunity to buy a wide variety of products. Starting from the traditional outfits like Gujarati sarees to Tibetan items, Janpath has it all. Also, if you want to buy the latest fashion clothes at the lowest price, then Janpath is the place to be. Though, you have to be prepared to bargain a lot in this market. Janpath market is a famous shopping spot of the young Delhi crowd. Planning to book flight tickets to Delhi? Do not forget to add Janpath Market in your travel itinerary.

Delhi Haat

Delhi Haat is a popular open air market, which is amongst the top favorite shopping hubs of India. Here, you will find a wide variety of different products to shop. Handicrafts, Handloom, Jewelry, bags, clothes etc. are commonly available in this market. Also, there are a plenty of food stalls to try out the tasty street food of Delhi as well. Also, since, this place is very famous amongst the youngsters of Delhi, therefore, even many live events and performances are organized in Delhi Haat. Excited to be here? Book domestic flights to Delhi now.

Chandni Chowk

Any discussion about shopping in Delhi is absolutely incomplete without a mention of Chandni Chowk. It is one of the oldest markets in Delhi, and roots back to hundreds of years. The narrow alleyways lead to several famous shops that sell the best of ethnic wear in India. The market is segmented into various bazaars, which offer different type of items to public. Katra Neel is famous for fabrics whereas, Dariba Kalan is famous for silver jewelry. Apart from shopping, you can even enjoy a great culinary experience while roaming in Old Delhi, as you will find various famous street vendors serving tasty delicacies in Old Delhi.

Listed below are a few of the top shopping destinations in Delhi. Apart from these also, there are a plenty of interesting places to shop in Delhi. So, if you want to explore Delhi to the fullest, book flight tickets at the most reasonable price on Jetstay.