/Top 4 Places to Ignite the Foodoholic in You in Jaipur

Top 4 Places to Ignite the Foodoholic in You in Jaipur

Jaipur is one of the most popular destinations in Rajasthan. The place is known for its immensely royal legacy. Also, Jaipur is one of those destinations which are visited by tourists from across the world. Though, one of the major reasons of visiting Jaipur is its outstanding beauty, but Jaipur will never disappoint you in terms of the food and fashion as well. It has a lot to offer to the food lovers, be it the traditional curries or the sweetmeat, foodies are sure to find a plenty to relish in Jaipur. So book flight tickets to Jaipur now to enjoy the luscious food of Jaipur!

Listed below are 4 top gems for the foodies:

Rawat Mishtan Bhandar

Rawat Mishtan Bhandar is one of the most famous restaurants in Jaipur. The place is known for a few of the best food items, but, it offers several options. So, every type of foodie would get a chance to curb his or her craving here. However, the place is widely known for the vegetarians. Some of the best things to try in Rawat Mishtan Bhandar include the local Rajasthani food, pyaaz kachoris and a lot of other dishes. The place is situated in Sindhi Camp, Jaipur. So, make sure you do plan a trip to this restaurant when you come to Jaipur, and make sure you do try the authentic Rajasthani food here! Want to try the pyaaz kachori? Book domestic flight tickets now!

Chawla’s and Nand’s

Chawla and Nand are two different eateries in Jaipur, but both of them are quite like each other. Also, they offer similar kind of food. Therefore, if you want to try something like a spicy, tangy and chunky Golgappa then these are the places to be. Puchka or paani-puri is surely one of the favorite street food items for many. So, how about relishing the best of Golgappas here in Jaipur.  Both of the street food eateries are extremely competitor, and therefore, their taste and quality is awesome. Also, the location of these outlets is very decent, near the fashion street! Start booking your flight tickets now!

1135 AD

Located in the Amer Palace, 1135 AD is one those restaurants that appear in your royal dreams! Just when you will enter this magical place, you will quickly realize whey it is known as 1135 AD.  From the glittery chairs to the gold adorned walls, everything present in the restaurant will give you a glimpse of the old royal Jaipur! Sula Biryani and Jungli Maas are two of the best dishes to try here.

The Rajput Room

When you are Rajasthan, you just can’t miss any opportunity to feel royal! The Rajput Room is one of the perfect places to indulge in the royalty of Rajasthan. Apart from the unbelievably royal ambience of the place, you will also find some of the tastiest food served here in The Rajput Room.  One of the best dish to try here is Laal Maas. And, the place is situated in Rambagh, Jaipur. All geared up to enjoy the delicious food of Jaipur? Book flight tickets to Jaipur at lowerst price on Jetstay!