/Top Offbeat Destinations in Delhi for a ‘Different’ Type of Vacation

Top Offbeat Destinations in Delhi for a ‘Different’ Type of Vacation

Delhi, the capital of India is one of the most visited places in the country. People tend to believe the fact that almost all the best destinations to see in Delhi are quite famous and mostly crowded. However, you would be amazed to know that there are still many places in Delhi, which are yet less explored, and thus, are perfect for an offbeat break. If you want to see any of these offbeat destinations in Delhi then book flight tickets to Delhi now.

Delhi never ceases to stun, as, starting from the top places to shop to best street food joints, you’ll find it all in Delhi. However, there are various lesser discovered treasures in Delhi as well. So, if you are looking for a ‘different’ type of a break in Delhi, then these offbeat destinations are perfect for you! Book flight tickets to Delhi now to experience these offbeat destinations! Listed below are the top offbeat destinations in Delhi:

Kathputli Colony

If you want to enjoy an ‘art of hope tour’, then Kathputli Colony is the best place to visit in Delhi. Located near Shadipur metro station, this colony is brimmed with tremendously talented artists. People who just love to watch puppet shows should surely book flight tickets to Delhi to experience this Kathputli Colony. Here, you’ll be amazed to see the brilliant work of several magicians, performers and even many snake charmers. This wonderful hub of artists is one of the less explored places in Delhi. However, if you want to explore the traditions and cultures of various communities, then you should surely plan a visit to this colony. We’re sure that you will fall in love with the work of these real ambassadors of art residing in this colony.

Chunnamal Haveli

Though, Old Delhi is mostly extremely crowded and most of the places in Old Delhi are quite famous, but this Chunnamal Haveli is less explored. This Haveli is a valuable relic from the past, and roots back to 1848. Preserving the heritage of the good old times, the ambience of this Haveli is remarkable. Lala Chunnamal, who was one of the richest habitant of Delhi build this place many years ago. This lavish home contains beautiful portraits telling different stories and many alluring chandeliers. Also, the mansion still houses some antique furniture. So, if you want to see how the royals lived in Old Delhi, years back, then book domestic flight to Delhi now, and plan a visit to this amazing Haveli.

Khari Baoli

Khari Baoli or the spice market of Delhi is known to be one of the most offbeat destinations in Delhi. One of the most famous and biggest spice market of Asia dates back to the 17th century! This heavily crowded market but definitely worth a visit. Especially, if you are someone who loves spices, then you should surely visit this place to see and buy a variety of different spices.

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