/Top Reasons Why People Travel from New Delhi to Mumbai?

Top Reasons Why People Travel from New Delhi to Mumbai?

One of the most common routes in India is the New Delhi to Mumbai route. Tons of flights and trains connect the two of the most popular places in India. Various domestic flights fly daily at various time intervals to connect the people between the two cities. Therefore, booking Mumbai to Delhi or New Delhi to Mumbai flights is extremely easy. You will find a lot of options as far as the timings, and even the flight operators are concerned. But, have you ever wondered why so many people travel from Mumbai to New Delhi and vise versa daily?

For Work

Work is the most obvious reason why people travel from Mumbai to Delhi or from Delhi to Mumbai. Daily tons of Mumbai to Delhi or New Delhi to Mumbai flights are booked by the business travelers. This is because a lot of big scale industries are situated in Delhi and Mumbai. Or, if a company is situated in any one of the cities, then they are surely trying to expand to the other city. This is one of the major reason why daily flight tickets are booked between Delhi and Mumbai.

To try their luck in the film industry

One of the other most eminent and known reason of travelling to Mumbai from Delhi is because it is the home of the big Bollywood industry. People daily book numerous New Delhi to Mumbai flights to come to Mumbai and live their Bollywood dream. This is why the place is known as the ‘City of Dreams’. Not even Bollywood, Mumbai abodes the hugely popular Television Industry as well, therefore, many people even visit Mumbai daily to try their luck in the television industry as well.

To experience the Uniqueness

The debate regarding whether Delhi is better or whether Mumbai is better never ends because both the cities are quite different from each other. Therefore, many people just come to Mumbai or New Delhi to only experience the uniqueness. Though, there are a plenty of things similar as well, but, there are a lot of interestingly diverse places in both the cities, which are worth visiting.

Solely for tourism purposes

Many people book their New Delhi to Mumbai flights or Mumbai to New Delhi flights to only travel and enjoy a city. Both of the places are extremely popular amongst the travel buffs. Therefore, people travel to one city from another just to enjoy the scenic beauty of the other place or to enjoy the difference. Some, may even travel to the other city to only understand what makes the two places different!

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