/Travelling to Ahmedabad from Delhi? Tryout These Delicious Delicacies

Travelling to Ahmedabad from Delhi? Tryout These Delicious Delicacies

Ahmedabad is known for its outstanding culinary expertise of the locals. Ahmedabad is brimmed with drool-worthy local delicacies. In fact, a lot of these Ahmedabad top food items are widely popular not just in India but across the globe as well. Therefore, it won’t be wrong if we say that Ahmedabad is a paradise for the local food lovers. The place has various street food outlets as well, which are loved by everyone. Though, it is also true that Delhi is blessed with superb street food, but at the same time, Ahmedabad has something special to offer. So, when you book your New Delhi to Ahmedabad flights, make sure you prepare yourself for indulging in a variety of regional food items of the city. Listed below are a few of them:


Dal Vadas are quite similar to the Pakodas of New Delhi. Usually, this snack is loved in the evening along with a hot cup of tea. However, people love to eat scrumptious Dal Vadas at any time of the day, even between the meals as well. This yummy, spicy and soft munchie is worth the love. And, many people who wonder in Ahmedabad, find it very difficult to ignore such a scrumptious delicacy. Make sure while booking your air tickets, you prepare your stomach well for such yummy food items of Ahmadabad.


Though, Dhokla is readily available in various parts of the country, but the Khaman Dhokla of Ahmedabad is something special. You will find various interesting variations of Dhokla in Ahmadabad and almost all of them are worth a try. So, whenever you plan a trip to Ahmadabad and book your New Delhi to Ahmedabad flights, make sure you search for the best place to try Khaman Dhokla in Ahmedabad too.


Khakra is a popular food item of Gujarat. It is more like a snack. The crispy Khakras are available in various flavors and variants in Gujarat, and they are specially one of the most favorite food of the people of Ahmadabad. Some people accompany them with some kind of homemade chutneys but some prefer it all by itself as well. So, when you are in Ahmadabad, make sure you do try the Khakra of some of the most famous places in Ahmadabad as well, and surely not be disappointed.

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