/What Can You Do in Hyderabad for Just One Day

What Can You Do in Hyderabad for Just One Day

If you are planning to visit Hyderabad just for a day or if you are here for a business trip and you can only spare one day from your busy schedule then there a list of things which you can do in one day. This city has numerous places which you can visit even if you are here for just a day. If you check the transportation facilities available to reach this city, you will see that this city has amazing and the most convenient way of reaching it. You will get direct flights to Hyderabad from any part of the country and you will even get a lot of discounts and offers while you are visiting Hyderabad via flights. You can check the flight rates by looking for Mumbai to Hyderabad flight and you can see the various options you get and you will be able to avail the lovely discounts these airlines provide you with.

Are you a movie maniac?

If you are a movie maniac then let me inform you that you can visit the Ramoji Film City which is extremely famous and popular in Hyderabad. If you are in love with Bollywood movies then you should definitely make it a point to visit this amazing place. You can go for a tour here and enjoy yourself by just watching the beauty that this place provides you with. You can visit this place is just a day and you don’t even need to stay longer in Hyderabad to enjoy this place’s beauty.

Visit all the historical places

You should firstly, visit the Birla Mandir while you are visiting Hyderabad because this temple is extremely pretty and you will absolutely love the view from this temple. Secondly, you should visit Charminar, which is one of the most popular and most famous tourist spots in Hyderabad. You will love the historical importance of this place. Thirdly, visit the Taramati Baradari. This is a historical monument where people used to dance and sing during the reign of Sultan Abdullah Qutb Shah. You will enjoy this place because you will get numerous and beautiful photographs clicked here. You should even make sure and visit the Hussain Sagar River. It is absolutely mesmerizing and you will enjoy yourself while you visit this pretty place. Even make it a point to visit the Golconda Fort and enjoy the scenic beauty of this place. Hence, now you have a long list ready for yourself from which you can choose what to do while you are here in Hyderabad for just a day.

Once you land in this beautiful city of Hyderabad, you will see that this city provides you with numerous places which you visit even if you are here in this city for just one day. This city has everything in store for you. If you are here alone or if you are here with your family, even in just a day you can enjoy and explore a lot of places.