/What’s so Special About the World’s First Gond Art Gallery in India?

What’s so Special About the World’s First Gond Art Gallery in India?

Are you in love with art; and specifically tribal art which is utmost creative? Gond painting is nothing but an extremely unique art form. Gond tribal art is one of the greatest way of showcasing art standing at the amalgamation of past and present. Gond art roots back to the history of India in many ways.

What is Gond art?

Gond art is basically an art form which is linked to the Gond tribe. One of the biggest Adivasi communities of India, God Tribes abode in the Indian state of Chhattisgarh and Madhya Pradesh. Gond art originated several years ago when a small hamlet named Patangarh saw an endearing inter-dependence of two communities, the Gonds and Pardhans and the Gonds. The beautiful part of this relationship was that Pardhans were storytellers who wrote interesting songs to carry on the legacy and traditions of Gond tribe. In return, they were offered with gifts in the form of grains, gold etc.

Although later, paintings became the latest medium of storytelling as songs started to diminish after a period of time. Gond art is a beautiful way of translating the songs into pictures of good fortune. Starting from the folklores to imageries related to the day to day life, Gond art is all about turning imaginations, creativity into paintings. A large part of Gond art is drawn from the dreams and memory of the artists. Most of the Gond artistes work along with the inherited conventions, therefore their style is very distinctive. Gond art is the sheer expression of heritage, therefore each painting has a different story to tell.

Gond Art Gallery

India is a culturally and creatively rich country, however, we have seen that Indian art is somewhat diminishing, and all really need to make an effort to preserve it. Thankfully, Indian government has taken a step to preserve and promote Gond Art.

People who love tribal art and are interested to catch the glimpses of the best art pieces from the creative geniuses of India, then Must Art Gallery in Delhi is the place to be. Being one of the first ever tribal art gallery which is dedicated to the Gond community, this art gallery attracts a plenty of art lovers from across the world. A beautiful form of art which is basically characterized by several interesting patterns of dots and dashes, Gond paintings are mostly very engaging. As, most of the paintings are inspired by nature, the folklores and even the fascinating social customs of the Gond community.

Starting from a wide range of interesting contemporary paintings, to a plenty of sculptures, you are to find a plenty of fascinating things in the Must Art Gallery in Delhi. Do you want to see the beautiful work of the Pardhan Gond tribes? If yes, then quickly book flight tickets to Delhi.

Delhi is known for a plenty of interesting places to see, but World’s First Gond Art Gallery is definitely one of the top!