/Why Should You Definitely Try Delhi Metro Airport Express Train?

Why Should You Definitely Try Delhi Metro Airport Express Train?

Since the metro trains have started connecting different places in Delhi NCR region, travelling has become extremely easy. Metro makes it so convenient to travel to one place in Delhi to another without having to get stuck in traffic for long hours. Also, travelling via metro is relatively cheaper than auto or cabs. Also, metros are considered a lot safer as well. As, the demand of the metro trains has increased massively, therefore, government is trying to connect more and more places via metro trains. And, one of the most interesting connection is by the metro train that is connected to the airport.

Delhi Metro Airport Express Train is perfect for people who wish to travel from New Delhi Station to Delhi Airport, also known as Indira Gandhi International Airport. The metro takes the passengers directly to the Terminal – 3 of the airport. Therefore, because of the metro train, the travel between the railway station and airport has become very easy and quick. Delhi Metro Airport Express Train is termed as one of the best metro trains that have highly benefited both the people of Delhi as well as the travelers. Want to travel via the metro? Book cheap flight tickets to Delhi now.

Why should you try Delhi Metro Airport Express Train?

Delhi Airport Metro Express was certainly regarded as one of the most desired additions to the list of metros in Delhi. As, because of this special metro train, the travelling time is reduced massively. As, earlier it used to take around one hour to cover the distance between New Delhi Station to Airport, but now, it takes only twenty minutes to cover the distance. Isn’t that amazing? This has been made possible because the train runs very fast, at the speed of almost 80 km/h. Also, it covers several stations in between, but these 6 stations are dedicated Orange Line to the Orange line. Do you want to travel via this metro? If yes, then book flight tickets to or from Delhi now.

Also, this special express metro train and the stations are highly advanced. The stations are termed as City Airport Terminals. Also, all of these stations contain a plenty of current gizmos like massive X-ray baggage scanners. Also, the security technology used here is the latest.

At the same time, there are a plenty of food joints located in some of the stations. Also, the stations are equipped with almost all the basic amenities. Therefore, if you haven’t travelled in this metro train ever, then book flight tickets to or from Mumbai to Delhi now.