/Why Should You Ever Stay in a Royal Palace in India?

Why Should You Ever Stay in a Royal Palace in India?

In India, you will find aplenty of royal palaces which are now offering stays. Also, there are a plenty of luxurious hotels or resorts as well. So, if you want to enjoy the life of the royals for a few days, then you should surely plan a trip to any of such palaces or hotels and book flight tickets now!

The magnificence of staying in a grand palace or hotel

Stay in a royal resort and cherish the flavours of regal bequest, the luxury, and the charisma of old traditions, preserved for centuries. Laze in the luxurious room and get stupefied by the winsome view of the shimmering lakes or soaring highlands. Startle your taste buds with distinct tangs of the regional dishes. Merriment will be amplified by boating in the amorous water of nearby lakes, exploring the ancient monuments or by riding a camel in the desert. A refreshing massage or a walk in the scenic courtyard will certainly give you a new lease of life. Want to experience now? Book domestic flight tickets on Jetstay at lowest price.

You should surely plan a trip to any of the top royal resorts or hotels in India and book flight tickets to experience the heritage property which is brilliantly designed to offer you a pure stately experience. Laze in the ritzy rooms while sighting the magnificence of brimming greenery, a gleaming waterway or the hills. Sip a hot cup of condensed almond milk in the garden while gazing at the beautiful spectacle of twilight mixed with the luminous sparks of colourful lights. Revitalize yourself with a calming massage or by enjoying a refreshing Mocktail near the peaceful pool. A visit to famous places like the Jehangir Mahal, Ram Raja temple, Phool Bagh or rafting through the rapids of river Betwa will certainly add amusement to the stopover.

The exotic locations of the royal resorts or hotels

Most of the royal or luxurious resorts or hotels are situated in the princely city of lakes, Udaipur. However, there are many such hotels and palaces in other parts of the country as well. But, most of them are draped in the flawless old world magnetism, overlooking the lake Fateh Sagar or the Himalayas or any other picturesque locale. Most of them offer a comfortable layover accomplished with elite traditional courtesy. Nightfall is generally be gratified with heartfelt folk dance performances of the locals. Drink your favourite cocktail while staring at the radiance of the lake and enjoy a restful vacation in any of such palaces or hotels. So, book your flight tickets now.

All of them are grandiose properties which are planned opulently to offer you a lavish layover. Sumptuous rooms, grand lobby, picturesque balconies, open lawn, restful pool, a flavorsome restaurant, a relaxing Cafe & Bar, a modern conference room, a nice activity room and a gym for fitness freaks are some of the features of the best hotels and resorts in India.