/Why Should You Never Miss Any Opportunity to Visit Himachal Pradesh?

Why Should You Never Miss Any Opportunity to Visit Himachal Pradesh?

Himachal Pradesh, one of the most scenic states of the country is known to be a top tourist destination. Simply, because, you fill find tons of outstandingly beautiful places in Himachal Pradesh. This state will give you enough opportunities to book flight tickets for your entire family, and plan a vacation to Himachal! Everything about the place, be it food, traditions or destinations is just amazing. So, if you are planning to visit Himachal anytime soon, here are the top places to definitely visit:


Chamba may not sound like a very popular hill station in India, but it is indeed one of the best places in Himachal to enjoy a fantastic vacation. Just as you step in the Chamba Valley, the undulations of River Ravi welcome you with calm vibes. Also, Chamba is regarded as the land of bliss only because of its mesmeric natural beauty. There are indeed a lot of places in/near Chamba to enjoy, and a few of them are Manimahesh Lake, Khajjiar Lake, Church of Scotland, Chamera Lake, Kalatop Wildlife Sanctuary, Chamba Central Lake, Rang Mahal, AkhandChandi Palace, Bhuri Singh Museum etc. Book your flight tickets to the nearest airport now!


Kasauli can undoubtedly be counted as one of the hidden gems of Himachal Pradesh! It is located at a height of almost 1,900 meters. This quaint ancient colonial town is known widely for its calmness. So, if you dream of a perfect vacation without any fuss, serene environment, immense natural beauty and unadulterated air, Kasauli is the place to be. Kasauli is gradually becoming a lot more popular with time now. A few of the places to see in Kasauli are Kasauli Brewery, Baptish Church, Monkey Point, Christ Church, Nahri temple etc. To reach Kasauli, book domestic flight tickets to Chandigarh and take a cab to Kasauli.


A trip to Dalhousie gives you a chance to enjoy the mesmeric view of the soaring Pir Panjals. The wide panoramic vista offered by Dalhousie is something hat you will remember throughout your life! Want to burst stress and enjoy some time off in a peaceful location? How about enjoying widespread natural beauty, pure air and superb food as well? This is what Dalhousie has to offer. Also, you will find a plenty of captivating waterfalls in Dalhousie as well. If you want to know about a few of the best places to see in Dalhousie, here are a few St. John’s Church, Chamera, Dainkund Walk, Bakrota Walk, Satdhara etc. So, if you have decided to plan a trip to Dalhousie, then book flight tickets to the nearest airport now!

Himachal Pradesh is unquestionably one of the best states in India in terms of the top tourist destinations. The region is filled with immense natural beauty. Apart from that, once you enter Himachal, you are bound to enjoy the tasty local food and the enthralling regional festivities as well. So, if you are all ready to plan a trip, book cheap domestic flights through Jetstay now!