/Why Would You Not Travel to 3 of These off Break Indian Destinations?

Why Would You Not Travel to 3 of These off Break Indian Destinations?

India is known for a plenty of beautiful destinations. Though, most of us are well aware about the places like Shimla, Manali etc., but not a lot of us know about some of the hidden gems of the country. All set to book your domestic flight tickets?  There are indeed a plenty of interesting travel destination in India to enjoy a city break. Listed below are the 3 of such destinations:

Bandhavgarh National Park

Bandhavgarh National Park is one of the not so popular national parks, but it a treat for the wildlife lovers. Also, it is quite near to Kanha National Park. While booking a hotel or resort In Bandhavgarh, make sure it has a private balcony so that you can enjoy the picturesque view of the forest as well as a flowing waterway. Witness the unbounded wildness with an expedition to the Jungle or replenish your senses with a soothing spa or by floating freely in the swimming pool. Nightfall is planned to entertain you with tribal dances and the tiger/elephant shows. Book flight tickets online now.

Bandhavgarh is stretched over a gigantic tract and offers a quaint view of the woods and a streaming river. Wake up with the chirping of birds and enjoy a revitalizing morning walk in the open lawn. Add thrill to the stopover with some wildlife movies and audiovisuals or revive your childhood with some interesting indoor games. Explore the history and wildness of the region with a small trek to the Bandhavgarh Fort. Book domestic flights now.

Kanha National Park

Kanha is extensively spread over acres of land and offers panoramic view of ceaseless woodlands and a flowing water body. A vacation in Kanha is surely going to be an amazing one. You can explore the biodiversity of Kanha National Park with the help of a nature walk. Gratify the encampment with a bonfire and relish some roasted dishes while enjoying the exceptional performances of the tribes. Explore the wilderness with a Jungle Safari and learn more about the life of the villagers with a village tour.

Laze in the cottages room while gazing at the forest or sit in the porch while sipping your fresh sugarcane juice, read a book to gather more information regarding wildlife or just stroll in the forest or the greens while listening to your favorite music. It is always suggested to stay in a bamboo roofed cottage with an independent porches. Do your domestic ticket booking now.


Jageshwar is a wonderful place to visit to catch the striking sights of pleasant Himalayan ranges and groves of copious evergreen trees. Stand in the balcony of your hotel room and relish the tasty Jhangora ki Kheer while staring at the picturesque spectacle of sun hiding behind the mountains. Stroll in the open lawn or play badminton with your mates while enjoying the cool breezes of this placid place. There are many traditionally designed hotels, so you can choose to laze in traditional Himalayan style rooms while sighting the view of snow-capped hills.

Wander in the orchards nearby and sop up the quintessence of the fruity ambience. Enlighten your soul with a saintly hike to the famous Almora Temples like Jageshwar, Dandeshwar, Jhakarsem, Vriddh Jageshwar etc. Add amusement to the stopover with adventurous activities like mountain biking, rock climbing valley crossing, trekking etc.

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