Domestic Flight Offers

If we were to formulate an equation of what Jetstay brings to your plate, this is how it would look like:
Jetstay = domestic online booking + cheap air fares + discounts and offers + ease and convenience of booking

Doesn't that adhere to your requirements of a travel portal?

The discounts and offers we have in place will make you want to plan your trip right away. Let's run you through all that you're entitled to when you book with Jetstay:

1. Refer a Friend:
You wouldn't want your friends and family to miss out on the best deals, would you? Well then, help us help you!
Perks on Signing up:
Refer a friend to us via SMS or email and once they register with us, we'll reward you with 1000 points and your friend with 2000 points which can be redeemed when you book the next flight.
Perks on Booking:
While your friend enjoys travelling, you enjoy the rewards. Ask your friend to mention you as the referrer and earn 2000 points which can be redeemed when you book your next flight. Referring is rewarding, isn't it

2. Discounts:
When cheap travel tickets get cheaper, travelling gets perkier! We know you can't get enough of travelling and we wouldn't let expensive travel tickets hold you back. Book your domestic flight tickets with Jetstay and get a discount of up to Rs.500 on each ticket.
Looking for more reasons to book with us? Keep scrolling!

3. E-Cashback:
Your first booking with Jetstay entitles you with a whooping reward of 2500 points. These could be redeemed the next time you book your flight tickets.
Points earned = Money saved. Money saved = Money earned.
And we don't need to tell you how to best utilise the money that you earn while you book with us, do we?

4. Zero Website Cancellation Fees:
May you never have to bear the agony of a cancelled travel plan! But God forbid, if you have to, we're here to do our bit to relieve you of the pain.
We wouldn't charge you a penny for the trip that you're unable to take, for reasons whatsoever.
We wish for all your travel plans to materialise, just the way you want them to. But just in case they don't, we'll be there for you!