Zero Website Cancellation Fee

The excitement that engulfs you, while you're planning a trip is beyond comparison. The mere anticipation of being out there, in a different place, away from the mundaneness and triviality of the routine brings you joy that cannot be worded. Right from deciding the place, booking travel tickets, packing bags, to actually being on a trip, is one happy ride! But when, due to any hiccup, the travel plans have to be cancelled....

Let's not even get to the agony that it leads to. Anything that jeopardises a travel plan can never be welcomed. As if that wasn't a pain enough, there's a monetary loss in terms of all the bookings you've made. Umm... well, not all! Unfortunately there's not much we can do about whatever came in the way of your travel plans, but we can certainly reduce the grief by not making you pay for what you couldn't experience! Jetstay charges "ZERO CANCELLATION FEES" from travellers who've booked their domestic travel tickets from our website.


This isn't a facility we would like for you to avail because nothing really makes up for cancelled travel plans. But just when plans don't work out the way you want them to, we've got your back!